The Bum Family

Welcome to our little world where all mayhem is considered fabulous. We are a collective of 6 cousins and our moms. We have been making films together since 2010.

We started out with live action and switched to stop-motion animation shortly after. Our random films are written and animated by us creating fits of giggles across the globe.

Feel free to explore our little world and watch any of our films. Fall in love with Lilly Monster or see our take on ethical issues of GMO food. Welcome to the land of the Bums.

The Kerfuffle

As mere children, we have taken the world by storm with our amazing sense of humor and absolute adorability.  We could laugh ourselves into hysterics but occasionally you have to wonder if your work is decent. Well, we KNOW that Calgary loves us. Find out what they have to say in The Kerfuffle.

But How? But Why?

Why do we make films? Because Mom made us. The classic answer to any Bum Family Panel Discussion. We love filmmaking and of course, the time spent with our cousins. The endless cornucopia of snacks doesn’t hurt either. Learn more about us and our process and The Animation Lockdown by clicking below.

Our Films

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