Lilly and the Baby

Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, babysits a human baby. The mom leaves a long list of what not to do. What could possibly go wrong?

Copyright 2017

Splendid! I really like this short. It is well done and you see the efforts of all the Bum Family cousins. It’s quite cute. I love stop motion animation and it is so well executed here. You can tell that it’s made from drawings that are cut out and used in the animation. This really deserves to be seen on the big screen. It’s a cute story although there are some bits that are not quite appropriate for its intended age range like accidentally poisoning the pet fish with baby food and then cooking it for the baby. Or the TV scene where there are hunters chasing bears yelling about killing them. Despite those bits, I recommend it although for older kids, ages 9 to 18 and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. The filmmakers are a group of 6n cousins from Calgary, Canada who make movies together using cutouts and stop motion. They recently made a short film for preschoolers for Sesame Street. We’re delighted to showcase their film at the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival.

Rachael V.


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