Wreck City


In April 2013, WRECK CITY organized WRECK CITY: an epilogue for 809, a community‐based art experiment transforming 9 houses, 3 garages, and a greenhouse scheduled for demolition into temporary art, installation, and performance spaces. Over one hundred artists, musicians, and performers participated, salvaging materials from the homes to create a chaotic and engaging exhibition, made possible only by the freedom of working inside houses soon to be destroyed.

The Bum Family collaborated with Amy and Colton Willier came up with the brilliant idea of having a beach themed installation. The upstairs was designed as the seashore complete with a tackle shop and fry stand. A lighthouse sat in the corner and you could stare out to see a pirate ship being devoured by a whale. A Caribbean themed soundscape brought the whole house to life.

As you descended the stairs into the magical underwater basement everything changed. Fairy lights decorated the seabed and seaweed floated above your head. You could see a pufferfish and a sea turtle swim by. Mermaids waited by the water’s edge and Atlantis revealed itself. The only way that the two world were connected was through the fishing hole that the girls had drilled into the floor. A murky and mysterious musical number wafted around you as you explored the deep dark depths of the sea. On the opening night, you could lower your line into the murky depths and emerge with a sweet treat.

Wreck City was an amazing experience for all members of the Bum Family. As an introduction to a cartoonish style of art, they ran with the wind and danced their way into the next major part of their film career.

Photos by Sean Dennie and Caitlin RC Brown

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